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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kristen of Eaton Family EcoBabies

About Me (by the way, I'm Kristen, nice to meet you!!)..... where to start!! I am the proud owner of Eaton Family EcoBabies, have a perfect family (in my eyes!), am a Registered Massage Therapist and the Chair of the Cambridge Community Breastfeeding Group and sit on the Waterloo Region BFI Committee (baby friendly initiative), I love to dance and I love to learn:)

Choosing cloth diapers was always a no brainer for Jeff and I. The problem was finding them. We found some in a department store but the staff had no idea what we needed or how to use them and they were in packaging that didn’t help at all either and made them look complicated. I found some at a store that we had to travel to outside of town but the staff didn’t have time to explain them either. We bought them anyways and went home very confused!!

We had problems with detergent, night time, travelling, velcro and had nowhere to turn. I went to visit my sister out west and saw that her cloth was absolutely beautiful!!! I was so jealous and wondered why I hadn’t been shown nice diapers like that! I finally decided to do some research and spent hours (hundreds of them) on the computer learning about all the tricks of the trade. I went to all the local baby stores and asked if they would consider carrying them so I could get them here in town and they all said ‘no’. SO, the only logical thing for me to do was to carry them myself! My husband and I have a health care office and have always believed in taking the time to explain things to people and have been thanked a million times over for our services. I believed that bringing in eco-friendly products that are hard to find and also need explaining would fit into our theme perfectly!

We hold cloth diaper and baby wearing workshops for free every month and I also have 1 on 1 appointments with families who are wanting to cloth diaper or use baby carriers. I spend lots of time online helping families as well who aren’t able to come in so that everyone can use these products easily and happily!! I have personal experience in all of the products that we carry and wouldn’t have them in our office if we couldn’t stand behind them 100%. The last thing I need is someone coming back with a problem – right!!

On our website and in our office, we have much more then just cloth and carriers – they were what got us started in hard to find but ‘must have’ products, especially great breastfeeding products but there lies a whole other wonderful topic! We ship to families who aren’t able to make it to us almost every day and have even shipped as far as Italy and South Korea even though we’re in Cambridge, Ontario – just off the 401.

Anyhow – I LOVE cloth diapers and babywearing – it’s all exceptionally addictive and I’m happy to talk about my addiction with anyone. You can also substitute the word ‘babywearing’ or ‘baby carriers’ for any of the cloth diaper words – I have had just as much frustration with finding quality carriers and getting help for them until I did hours of research as well! I believe that they make life easier and we should all be able to have that opportunity!! There is a cloth diaper style for everyone, we’re here to help you find what works best for your family!


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