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Friday, July 9, 2010

Confessions of a cloth diapering addict...

When I started this journey of having children and using cloth diapers on them I never thought I would love using them this much!
Like all parenting choices I have been criticized for my choices. Unfortunately not everyone can see the appeal of them. Thank fully more and more parents are seeing
the benefits of using cloth. But I am pretty sure I belong in an extreme class of cloth diapering called the *cloth diapering addict*!
Who knew that getting newborn diapers can be so much fun? When I was pregnant I would fawn over my teeny tiny diapers imagining my precious newborn in them. I would pile up my stash and take pictures on message boards for other people to envy my stash! I went to extremes my one baby could never wear the amount of diapers I had... I had enough for multiples and I still never seemed satisfied.

That I can’t stop at one brand. No, I have to try them all! I bet in over 6 yrs I have tried over 50 brands of diapers. Some people can find stash nirvana but I never will... I always want to try new things.
That it’s so addictive. That is it possible to lust over fabric types and patterns? During my last pregnancy I even dreamt of cloth diapers. Yup, it’s true...
That washing diapers is fun. I look forward to laundry day even after all these years. I arrange them in a certain order on my clothes line and make a rainbow of pretty colors. Then I arrange them in drawer meticulously. I am sure they are the neatest drawers in the house. The wipes have to be stacked a certain way. I don’t trust anyone else to do diaper laundry.
You can ensemble whole outfits around your baby’s diapers. I have had matching t shirts, baby leg warmers and wool. This is super addictive. I have personally spent a small fortune doing this (a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean!) I even dabbled in custom wool for a while.
I would have such a hard time parting with the outgrown cloth diapers? Let’s face it our babies pee and poop in them but I still have a hard time parting with them. It’s sad when our babies grow up and holding up on some of them makes feel less permanent. Maybe someday I will take them out of storage and “pet” them. LOL I did keep some of the wool outfits as heirlooms.
These are the confessions of a cloth diapers addict... maybe there is a 12 step program for me somewhere!
~Laura of More Than Cloth Diapers