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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gabriel's Picks - BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper

It's been a long time since we've done a Gabriel's Picks post. Gabriel is no longer the tiny preemie we first started posting about. Now nearly 11 months old and 17lbs we've moved into the mass expanse of one size diapers! So, you will be seeing some more Gabriel's Picks over the next little while as we review some great ones that we have tried and tested and some we even loved so much we've added them to our stock!

This posts feature is the BabyKicks 3g Pocket Diaper. The 3g is a one size pocket diaper that is incredibly thin and trim. It has a microfleece barrier designed to prevent wicking to the outside and some nice fleece leg gussets to stop any messes while still allowing for airflow and a front stuffing pocket.

We've been using and testing out the 3g for 2 months now and are pleased to say it is among our favorites for overnight solutions. It is very trim and easily allows us to use regular sized clothing on Gabe (not having to size up on pants to accommodate a bulky diaper). The side snaps make it impossible for him to get his diaper off, however, he is such a squirmer now that we find we have to be really quick to get it on before he is rolling over and on the move again.

Here is a run down of some of the great features:

One Size Design grows with baby from 7lbs/3.2kg to 40lbs/18kg. The intuitive snap-down sizing system makes adjusting and finding the right size and fit super easy. You will only needs to buy diapers once, saving you time and money!

Bamboo/Fleece lining: The incredibly soft inner liner (against baby’s skin) is made of luxurious 30% Certified Organic Cotton and 70% Rayon made from Bamboo. The material will remain soft, absorbent and silky wash after wash.

Air Gussets are made of a special fleece material and contain no PUL, which allows for even more air flow to help prevent rashes. The Soft fabric does not leave red marks on baby’s legs, but still protects against leaks and blow outs.

Front Pocket allows for easy stuffing of diaper and gives you the option to customize the absorbency. The front pocket eliminates inserts hanging out of the back of the diaper and prevents solids from leaking onto the insert.

Side Snaps eliminates wing drop problem and are easy to use, durable and long lasting. The two rows of four snaps allow for separate waist and thigh adjustment and will give you a perfect fit. Side snaps are harder for toddlers to undo (no playing in poo), and make diaper easy to use as a training pant when the time comes.

Waterproof Outer Shell removes the need for a cover. Our super-soft breathable PUL is waterproof and makes sure baby’s clothes stay nice and dry.

Want to test a 3g for us?

-This contest runs until Friday December 31st, 2010 @ 11:59pm EST.
-Winners will be chosen by most compelling argument
- to enter email tanya (at) with why you think you are the most qualified to be our new tester. Please include the age and size of your current diapered little one along with info on your past cloth diapering experience.
- Winner must be willing to provide feedback as well as pictures of their experience using the 3g.
-Participation is open to cloth diaper users in CANADA ONLY!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aubrey's Undies- Bummis Trainers

Made in Montreal Canada, Bummis Trainers are one of Aubrey's first picks! Perfect for car trips and trips out to the store, when you want that layer of waterproof protection. Bummis Trainers are less bulky than some of the other brands we have tried, making them fit easily under Aubrey's clothes. Aubrey loved the prints, especially her new "Froggy Undies". Mommy loved that she could easily pull them up and down on her own as she works to independence in the bathroom.
The Low Down on Bummis:
- legs and waist are covered in stretchy lycra bindings
- laminated waterproof polyester knit outer
- flannel lining against your toddler allows them to feel wet and helps them train faster
- 2 layers of absorbent terry to absorb accidents

We found Bummis were perfect for daytime, nap time, and excursions out and about. Aubrey is a deep sleeper, so we found she saturated the Bummis before she woke up to make it to the potty, and had initially counted them out for night-time use. Then at 2am one night they were the only ones left in her drawer... so I did what any sleep deprived Mommy would have done at 2am, I quickly grabbed a Bummis Prefold from Gabe's pile folded it in 3 and tucked it in, then helped Aubrey pull them up. My middle of the night quick fix solution worked so well (dry sheets and PJ's in the morning) that it has become a part of our routine! The Bummis Trainers fit so much better than the overnight solution we had been using that they became the permanent solution- and we found a great way to continue to use the now too small Preemie Bummis Prefolds!

Want to win some Bummis products of your own to test out? Register to be a seeker in the upcoming Green Quiz Quest for your chance to win some great prizes donated by Bummis and other great sponsors!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raising Green Kids- Finding Green Toys

With the BPA ban in Childrens products in Canada and the growing green movement, it has become much easier to find toys that fit the environmentally friendly lifestyle. Keep these points in mind on your search for Green Toys:

Natural Materials: It has become easier to find items made from solid wood and non-toxic finishes. For babies and toddlers look for stuffed toys made from organic cotton, puzzles and pull along toys made from solid wood and non-toxic paints.

Energy Consumption: Look for toys that are well-made and durable. The fewer toys you need to replace, the fewer toys end up in a landfill. Try to find toys that don't require batteries, or are driven by an alternative energy (solar power, wind up).

Imagination: Search for things that will boost your child's imagination. Playing dress up with ecofriendly clothes or secondhand clothes, playing with legos or building blocks. You can use an old cardboard box to create hours of playtime. Have you child help you decorate it.

Go local: Find local businesses who manufacture or sell toys. Supporting local businesses reduces energy costs on transportation of goods to the business and to you.

Want to find more Green ideas?

The Green Quiz Quest is an online worldwide scavenger hunt created to bring green companies and customers together. The first Quest was run in July 2010 with great success! An estimated 1500 Seekers and 80 Sponsors from around the world participated in the first semi-annual Quest. Giving out an estimated $3500.00 in prizes for the seekers and generating new leads for the sponsors. For more info visit Green Quiz Quest.

Own a green business?

View their Sponsor Info Package here: and video instructions to become a sponsor and a video detailing some of the great new features here

Friday, October 15, 2010

Raising Green Kids- Green Shopping Tips

Here are a couple of ways to be greener on your next trip to the market:

Buy fresh produce without the packaging.
  • reuse the plastic produce bags
  • buy reusable mesh bags
  • or simply put produce directly into your cart
Avoid individually packaged items.
  • instead of buying juice boxes, put juice in a reusable thermos, or stainless steel bottle for lunches
  • pack your snacks and sandwiches in Kanga Sacs reusable bags
Opt for glass, stainless steel or paper products instead of plastic. Glass, stainless steel and paper products are more easily recycled, making them greener products. Paper bags can be reused, recycled or even composted.

Use reusable canvas shopping bags instead plastic. The average person uses roughly 300 plastic bags each year. Many of those plastic bags will end up in a landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose. Worse yet, they could blow around creating a hazard to wildlife.

For some more great tips on all things green visit The Green Quiz Quest and sign up as a seeker! The Green Quiz Quest is a worldwide online scavenger hunt through websites that promote living green or offer green products. Its loads of fun and has great prizes!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

reflection, celebration and giving thanks!

I find this Thanksgiving is different for me this year. I am reflecting fondly about what happened at this time last year. I was immensely pregnant and feeling so done being so. I was only 36 wks to the day when my water broke and the journey of my youngest coming began.

I have thoroughly have enjoyed this past year. So many milestones. My baby is the happiest baby I have ever taken care of. People always comment how easy going he is, how patiently he waits for me, being the 3rd I suppose he didn't have much choice but to be patient. lol

While celebrating his birthday, I am also celebrating so many personal milestones in regards to my baby. 1 full year without any disposable diapers used! So many people think this is hard to do but the reality of it is, it wasn't very hard at all. We just bring cloth when we are out and when we travel. My goal is to make to to potty learning without ever using a sposie diaper.

So to celebrate with my family we want to pass on something to our fans.... win a sweetpea one size pocket diaper!

Heres how to win... (be a Canadian resident) and post your entries below. One comment per entry per the following:

1) Like Canadian Cloth Diaper Retailers on facebook

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6) spread the word about this on facebook and linking us to it using @more than cloth diapers and @canadian cloth retailers (This way it will show on our board.)

Good luck... the winner will be chosen October 13th 2010!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raising Green Kids- Finding Secondhand Treasures

Reusing items is one of the best ways to keep them out of the trash. Buying good quality secondhand items is both green and economical. Follow these tips on your secondhand treasure hunts and you wont be disappointed.

Safety Issues: Make sure to be aware of product recalls. These can be found at manufacturer websites, and at the Consumer Product Safety Commission Potentially dangerous secondhand items include (but are not limited to) mattresses, cribs, car seats, strollers, playpens, baby gates, baby walkers. These items have changed greatly over the years and older versions may not meet current safety standards. Car seats can be especially dangerous if you do not know the history of the car seat. If a car seat has been involved in a vehicle collision it must be replaced, even if the child was not in the car at the time of the accident.

Great secondhand buys: clothing, newer non-electronic toys, books, movies and sturdy furniture. Clothing, especially baby clothing can be reused through several children before it wears out, as they grow so quickly that some outfits are only worn a handful of times. With 3 kids we buy 90% of our clothing from Value Village, a second hand thrift store that donates their profits to the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Bargain Hunting Places: garage sales, swap sessions, friends, family, coworkers, newspaper classifieds, thrift and consignment stores, internet sites (such as ebay, craigslist, kijiji, freecycle).

Twice a year Moms and Bums sponsors a great Mom to Mom sale here in Brampton, Ontario. Admission proceeds go to Peel Children's Safety Village. The next one is coming up October 9th, 2010 from 9am-1pm at 1305 Williams Pkwy in Brampton, On inside Judith Nyman Secondary School (formerly known as North Peel Secondary) next to Terry Miller Rec Center. This sale features over 150 vendors.Visit the MomSale facebook page for more details!

Want to win a Monkey Doodlez T.A.G. from Moms and Bums?

How to enter: Become a follower of this blog (mandatory to win) then visit Baby's Bottom Line, Natural Parenting Shop or Moms and Bums and tell me what one other item you would purchase and why. (you can tell us one item from each site for 3 separate entries).
Entrance Guidelines

-Please, be sure to leave us a way to contact you. You can be logged into your email account when you post your comment for us to be able to contact you if you win (that is with the option called OpenID). If you have a blog, be sure to be logged into the account linked to your blog for an easier way to contact you.

You can also add your email to your comments (ie. info(at)momsandbums(dot)com).
-This contest runs until Friday October 1st, 2010 @ 11:59pm EST.
-Winners are chosen using, and notified on Saturday October 2nd, winners name will also be posted on Blog and Facebook
-Winners have 7 days from contest end to claim their prize.
-Participation is open to cloth diaper users in CANADA ONLY!
-How to earn extra entries:
* LIKE Canadian Cloth Diaper Stores on Facebook
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--- You must post a separate comment for each entry and let us know which you've chosen to do in that comment ---

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Lighter Side of Cloth Diapering

For many new parents, the terminology surrounding cloth diapering can be a wee bit confusing. Here at Huckleberry Baby Shop, we aim to help you navigate those early and sometimes confusing days, so let’s clear up some of the possibly confusing terminology. Hopefully you can hear the smile in my voice!

Weight Ranges: (such a 6-12 pounds) refer to the size of the baby wearing the diaper, not to the diaper’s capacity for “extra contents.”

All-in-One: Nope. One of these diapers will not hold all three of your triplets!

Shorties and Longies: For those of you parents of boys who look at this terminology with confusion while wondering which one to buy for you little guy, put your ruler away. Shorties and Longies refer to the leg length on wool or fleece covers.

Stripping: This is not an encouragement for parents of young babies to get naked and create new offspring, rather it refers to a process used to remove detergent residue from diapers.

Wipe: Although most commonly used by new parents as a term to describe their lack of sleep and state of mind, in the diapering world, wipes are used to clean a baby’s bottom.

Diaper Sprayer: Contrary to popular belief, this device works MUCH better if the diaper is removed from your baby before hosing it down!

Diaper Pail: This is not actually a reference to the ghastly white colour a new dad’s face turns when he changes the first few poopy bums.

Doubler: Please do not be frightened to use one. It will not create two babies from the one you have.

Soaker: Yes you will have some of these despite your best diapering attempts!

Wet Bag: Wet bag does not refer to how a new mom feels when she steps out of the shower in those first weeks postpartum.

Changing Pad: In reality, this is a patch of material always too small to protect the changing surface from a baby’s tendency to “spray.”

Inserts: This does not refer to the miscellaneous items you find in your newborn’s pocket diapers when your toddler has gotten hold of them.

Snappi: This definitely does not usually refer to the speed of a new parent’s first diapering attempt.

Pocket: I don’t know about you, but this is a nightmare inducing term. If I ever reached into my “pocket” and found the same contents as in some of my daughters’ diapers, I would run screaming through my backyard!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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