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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Lighter Side of Cloth Diapering

For many new parents, the terminology surrounding cloth diapering can be a wee bit confusing. Here at Huckleberry Baby Shop, we aim to help you navigate those early and sometimes confusing days, so let’s clear up some of the possibly confusing terminology. Hopefully you can hear the smile in my voice!

Weight Ranges: (such a 6-12 pounds) refer to the size of the baby wearing the diaper, not to the diaper’s capacity for “extra contents.”

All-in-One: Nope. One of these diapers will not hold all three of your triplets!

Shorties and Longies: For those of you parents of boys who look at this terminology with confusion while wondering which one to buy for you little guy, put your ruler away. Shorties and Longies refer to the leg length on wool or fleece covers.

Stripping: This is not an encouragement for parents of young babies to get naked and create new offspring, rather it refers to a process used to remove detergent residue from diapers.

Wipe: Although most commonly used by new parents as a term to describe their lack of sleep and state of mind, in the diapering world, wipes are used to clean a baby’s bottom.

Diaper Sprayer: Contrary to popular belief, this device works MUCH better if the diaper is removed from your baby before hosing it down!

Diaper Pail: This is not actually a reference to the ghastly white colour a new dad’s face turns when he changes the first few poopy bums.

Doubler: Please do not be frightened to use one. It will not create two babies from the one you have.

Soaker: Yes you will have some of these despite your best diapering attempts!

Wet Bag: Wet bag does not refer to how a new mom feels when she steps out of the shower in those first weeks postpartum.

Changing Pad: In reality, this is a patch of material always too small to protect the changing surface from a baby’s tendency to “spray.”

Inserts: This does not refer to the miscellaneous items you find in your newborn’s pocket diapers when your toddler has gotten hold of them.

Snappi: This definitely does not usually refer to the speed of a new parent’s first diapering attempt.

Pocket: I don’t know about you, but this is a nightmare inducing term. If I ever reached into my “pocket” and found the same contents as in some of my daughters’ diapers, I would run screaming through my backyard!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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  1. Hilarious! Thanks for the humour!