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Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping with More than Cloth Diapers

Every year at this time I get the urge… the urge to go camping! Weather you are a back woods camper or sleeping in an RV you can still use your cloth while camping!

Going camping with children requires a lot more planning (and in my opinion) a lot more work! Gone are the days of relaxing with a book. Now my days are spent planning meals, cleaning (yes can’t escape that) and chasing children from going on the road.

I am die hard about using cloth for our children. Our youngest who is almost a year has never had a disposable product touch his bottom. So it is not a stretch I travel with my cloth. There are a few things I have learned over the past 6 yrs of doing so.

Diaper laundry- I try to have to this caught up before we leave. I have even been know to leave with damp diapers to finish drying on the campsite clothes line. If there are dirty diapers when I leave I leave them in the washer with some water. If I am going for longer that the weekend., I would do a quick hand wash and hang it on the clothes line for when I return.

Wipes- I always being lots of cloth wipes. They are great for wiping more than bums. We always go threw more than expected. Sometimes preschoolers have accidents while traveling just because of stage fright and we use more.

Wipe solution- I don’t need to bring nearly as much if I add some to a small spray bottle and just mist and wipe. A small spray bottle will last you several camping trips. (I keep this kind of spray bottle in my diaper bag at all times anyway.)

Liners- If you don’t want badly stained diapers this is the way to go. When poop sits, it stains! Some of my diapers from last summer never came clean despite sunning and (yes I tried a light bleach). it’s a small price to pay for stain free diapers.

Wet bags- I take a large size one for each day of camping. No smells escape from them. Add a few more the swimsuits and super dirty clothes. One can never have too many wet bags!
Bum Bum Balm- I almost never get rashes on my children but if I don’t bring it I would so its like insurance it won’t happen.

Before I leave I pack all my diaper and accessories in a child’s rolling suitcase. Its all in one place ready to go.

I have never had to wash at the campsite before. I am lucky to have a large enough stash I have never needed to. If I did I would have everything ready to throw in the washer and not make a big deal out of it. The public might get freaked out about washing dirty diapers in a public washer. But really its not a big deal. Just act like you are washing regular laundry. Don’t forget to bring your favorite laundry detergent.

Some extras you may not think of are underwear for the preschooler… yes mine are sure to have some accidents. Lots of underwear and wipes make this easier.

Potty- for the preschooler.. Great for in the camper (or tent) helps them get over stage fright. Saves endless trips to the washroom and back.

I have found that its really no bother at all to bring out cloth… it’s a life style for us.
Happy Camping!
Photos taken at Arrowhead Park in Ontario.
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