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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gabriel's Picks #2- The Tini/Easy Fit

Made in Scotland by Tots Bots the Tini Fit hit the market in North America only a few months ago... just in time for our little tester to enjoy the soft bamboo rayon against his tiny tush. Their innovative design couples a pocket diaper with an all in one. The pocket insert is attached to the diaper, so you never need to figure out which insert belongs with which diaper when it comes out of the wash.
Their design also allows for the insert to agitate out on its own in the wash, so there is no need to unstuff prior to laundering. In our family that is a huge plus! Nothing is more annoying than for me than taking the load of diapers out of the drier only to find a balled up insert down in the bottom of the pocket diaper.
We found the extra insert that comes with the Tini fit wasn't necessary unless we were planning to use it overnight, or on a long car trip.
This is the first pocket velcro cloth diaper we have used where the laundry tabs actually stayed closed in the wash. Even after 2 months of use they are lint free and still look like the first day we used them.
We found the Tini Fit to be true to its sizing (5-12lbs) and although we might have been able to get away with it a little while longer Gabriel at 12 lbs 8 oz and 4 months old (10 weeks corrected) was beginning to have a bit of plumber butt (even as a prem he is at 75% on the chart for his height). So we have moved up to the Tini Fits big brother- The Easy Fit. Matt gives the Tini/Easy Fit the Daddy's Choice approval for ease of use and laundering. It is always the first one he grabs!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stepheny of Growing Up Green

About us...Wow I get an instant brain freeze when I think of this phrase. Growing Up Green is a family owned Eco-friendly Boutique located in North Bay, Ontario and we are the only Eco-friendly Boutique for Families in the north & we are open 6 days a week, some days for 12 hours. We are thrilled to be joining together with the best Cloth Diapering stores in Canada, and we hope that you all take something for the information we bring to this fantastic Blog!
Growing Up Green Logo

Growing Up Green really started almost 6 years ago when I started cloth diapering(aka:CDing) my 1 year old triplets. On my first day of Clothing I had: 3 babies, 9 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps(aka: SWW), and 36 cotton prefolds(aka:PF) . If you do the math, that is only 1 DAY of diapers, for 3 babies so I was left to use the PFs during the day, disposables at night and washing diapers every night. After a few weeks I came across a great CDing message board with other CDing moms. These moms became my mentors and my teachers at the time. To this day I am still very close with most of those moms. Needless to say over time I learned more as I slowly bought used diapers online and built up a great stash that eventually got me to washing every other day.
Fast forward 2 years, as our family was preparing for the birth of our youngest daughter. Since I started clothing late with the triplets, I had no little diapers for a newborn. We planned in advance and ordered a full custom newborn stash of Pockets, Fitteds, covers and All-In-One's, from a Canadian Work At Home Mom (aka:WAHM). One-size diapers were just starting to make their way in to the CDing market and were not really the norm, like they are now. So we stocked up on newborn diapers. I made sure to have the diapers in my hospital bag and had everything pre-washed and stacked for Hope's arrival. Hope is born at 8 pounds and ended up too big for every diaper I had! I was devastated!!! Here she is on the last snap setting of one of the newborn diapers at 1 day old: Hope of Growing  Up Green So there I was stuck with disposable and $450.00 in diapers I could not use. From that moment we started looking into starting a Cloth Diapering business, we just did not want to waste one more penny. Especially when cloth is suppose to SAVE money! Within a couple of months of Hope being born some of our close friends started having their babies and they were wanting to cloth too. Their babies became the birth of Growing Up Green.

When my husband and I decided to open Growing Up Green, we decided that we were doing this for the cause and not for the money. All of our profits would go back to the business so that we could bring new products to North Bay, we were not going to take a paycheck. Almost 4 years later, we still don't. We started one family at a time, with a closet full of samples. Each family would book an appointment for a workshop and then order the products of their choice. Every customer became part of our family because we truly believe that the customer comes first and customer service is #1 priority, we did not want anyone to ever feel like their investment was a waste.

In 2008 we grew from a tiny home business to a full brick and mortar. We used to see a customer per week and now we see many every day! We started with less then 10 products and now we are approaching 600. We we are in our 4th year of business and many things have changed, but our service is still the same. At Growing Up Green you will always be important! If we do not have want you want, we will get it for you or help you find it. In the Summer of 2008 we became an authorized Medela Dealer and we carry every product that Medela makes, We have over 14 different names in Cloth diapers, a huge range of reusable products for lunches, supplies for baby food making, all natural bath and body products, baby clothing and SO MUCH MORE!

As of this moment our website is being completely re-done, so please feel free to email or call us, so that we can be of service to you! Please follow us on Facebook for now so that you do not miss any announcements, new products or sales! We look forward to a very long and lasting relationship with each of you.

Take Care,

Stepheny ~ Owner
Growing Up Green

Cristi from Huckleberry Baby Shop in Nanaimo, BC

Hi there! I’m Cristi Lundman, the owner of Huckleberry Baby Shop in Nanaimo, BC. I grew up on Vancouver Island and have enjoyed a lifelong love and respect for our amazing natural environment. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UBC and have spent many years working as a nurse in the maternal child health field. My husband and I are Mommy and Daddy to three terrific daughters. We home school the oldest two which really equates to me learning right alongside them! I love organic gardening, running, photography, reading, socializing and yes, chocolate!

My cloth diapering journey started ten years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. At that point all I knew of cloth diapering what I had seen my mom use on my younger siblings: cotton flannel flat diapers, pins and pull-on covers. My husband was supportive of my choices. I found some of the diapers and covers at a department store, stacked them up and was ready to go. What was my motivation for cloth diapering? I really did not believe there was another option when I pondered the financial, environmental and health impacts of disposable diapers!

When my six pound daughter arrived, I quickly discovered how tiny a newborn’s bottom can actually be! The pull on covers I had purchased were huge, but I was able to find a few tinier ones at a thrift store. A friend introduced me to Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers when my daughter was eight months old and I could not believe what a difference they made in the ease of our diapering routine. This was my first foray into the world of intuitively designed, user friendly cloth diapering products!

Two and a half years later, we were blessed by a second daughter weighing almost seven pounds. I had stocked up on Bummis covers in anticipation of her arrival and decided to fold my flats into rectangles to lie in the covers, thus avoiding the pins.

When my third daughter was born in 2006, I had already decided to expand our cloth diapering world. I stocked up on preemie prefolds and newborn Bummis Original diaper covers and found I had achieved the perfect fit for diapering another six-pounder. As she grew, I sought out some “fancier” diapers. Baby Kangas were the first pockets we tried. The obsession began!

By this point I was extremely frustrated by the lack of local cloth diapering resources available in our community. In 2007 I decided that something needed to be done to rectify this issue and Huckleberry Baby Shop was born. Our business has been a family project from the very beginning. Now that we have a physical store location, my kids come along to the “shop” when I am there. My husband helps out and can often be spotted carrying out recycling, vacuuming floors and replacing light bulbs. My three year old can demonstrate how to use prefolds and covers and gives a convincing lecture on safe newborn baby wearing. My seven and nine year olds fold and snap diapers and wipes and help stock shelves.

The business has grown beyond my initial expectations. I am thrilled by this! Our fabulous cloth diaper selection, complimented by baby carriers, natural toys and gifts, draws customers from near and far. Of particular pride is our huge “Made in Canada” section. We support other local small businesses and enjoy participating in community events. Our workshops are popular and we hope to offer even more in the near future. Overall, I really enjoy this business. Helping families find gentle, earth and family friendly cloth diapering solutions which suit their budget and lifestyle is always a welcome challenge!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kristen of Eaton Family EcoBabies

About Me (by the way, I'm Kristen, nice to meet you!!)..... where to start!! I am the proud owner of Eaton Family EcoBabies, have a perfect family (in my eyes!), am a Registered Massage Therapist and the Chair of the Cambridge Community Breastfeeding Group and sit on the Waterloo Region BFI Committee (baby friendly initiative), I love to dance and I love to learn:)

Choosing cloth diapers was always a no brainer for Jeff and I. The problem was finding them. We found some in a department store but the staff had no idea what we needed or how to use them and they were in packaging that didn’t help at all either and made them look complicated. I found some at a store that we had to travel to outside of town but the staff didn’t have time to explain them either. We bought them anyways and went home very confused!!

We had problems with detergent, night time, travelling, velcro and had nowhere to turn. I went to visit my sister out west and saw that her cloth was absolutely beautiful!!! I was so jealous and wondered why I hadn’t been shown nice diapers like that! I finally decided to do some research and spent hours (hundreds of them) on the computer learning about all the tricks of the trade. I went to all the local baby stores and asked if they would consider carrying them so I could get them here in town and they all said ‘no’. SO, the only logical thing for me to do was to carry them myself! My husband and I have a health care office and have always believed in taking the time to explain things to people and have been thanked a million times over for our services. I believed that bringing in eco-friendly products that are hard to find and also need explaining would fit into our theme perfectly!

We hold cloth diaper and baby wearing workshops for free every month and I also have 1 on 1 appointments with families who are wanting to cloth diaper or use baby carriers. I spend lots of time online helping families as well who aren’t able to come in so that everyone can use these products easily and happily!! I have personal experience in all of the products that we carry and wouldn’t have them in our office if we couldn’t stand behind them 100%. The last thing I need is someone coming back with a problem – right!!

On our website and in our office, we have much more then just cloth and carriers – they were what got us started in hard to find but ‘must have’ products, especially great breastfeeding products but there lies a whole other wonderful topic! We ship to families who aren’t able to make it to us almost every day and have even shipped as far as Italy and South Korea even though we’re in Cambridge, Ontario – just off the 401.

Anyhow – I LOVE cloth diapers and babywearing – it’s all exceptionally addictive and I’m happy to talk about my addiction with anyone. You can also substitute the word ‘babywearing’ or ‘baby carriers’ for any of the cloth diaper words – I have had just as much frustration with finding quality carriers and getting help for them until I did hours of research as well! I believe that they make life easier and we should all be able to have that opportunity!! There is a cloth diaper style for everyone, we’re here to help you find what works best for your family!
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