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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aubrey' s Undies #1 - Happy Heiny's Pocket Trainers and Giveaway!

...Training Undies That Is
At Moms and Bums we make a point of trying to test out each product we carry on our three little Guinea Pigs. Aubrey was our original diaper tester, and has now moved on to the position of trainer tester! Aubrey is a very head strong 2 year old, and has taken longer to learn to use a potty than her older sister Kiera did. Why you might be asking was it so difficult for her to learn? Well the real issue was that she really likes her cloth diapers! She would tell you which one she was going to wear, and she had flower ones, and cow ones and and pink prints... her diapers were fun! In her eyes they were much nicer than the plain under wear Kiera had- even if Kiera's did have Dora on them. So we knew it was time to find her some fancy undies!
We had ordered in trainers for customers before, but didn't really keep them in stock because we hadn't had anyone we could test them on until now.
We started off with some Happy Heiny's Pocket Trainers with snaps.
First a bit of info about Happy Heiny's and what makes them different than other trainers on the market:
First they were redesigned with your busy toddler in mind! Snaps can be added for ease in messy clean ups and to make stuffing easier. Snaps can be added to one side, both sides or the side can be sewn shut for older bed wetters.
Happy Heiny's have an elastic waistband making them easy for your little one to pull up and down on their own. This is also good for older children with bed wetting issues. Quick on and off. Like their diapers, the inner lining is custom milled fleece for a more stay dry feeling and the outer layer is PUL to hold in wetness. The pocket opening allows you to add as much stuffing as you need, so even the heaviest wetter still has protection overnight.
Happy Heinys Trainers have been child tested and last 12+ hours overnight with absolutely no wicking for most children. Happy Heinys® Trainers are available in a variety of solid colors. They have a 100% poly laminated outer layer and work wonderfully for potty learners who still need protection overnight.
I will add a word of caution here- do not buy any trainers that are the same pattern as those they have for diapers- Aubrey's favorite diaper was her Happy Heiny's cow print, her "Cow Diper" (she has since learned how to pronounce diaper), so silly me thought she would also love having undies the same print... boy was I wrong! She took one look at what I thought was going to be her favorite new undies and exclaimed "that's a diper!", and wouldn't even try them on.
My second word of caution: don't buy patterns the same as their siblings diapers! I absolutely love monkey prints, so of course picked a silly monkey print OS for Gabriel and a silly monkey print trainer for Aubrey, only for her to exclaim "That's Gabriel's diper", and again wouldn't even try it on.
So, Aubrey and I took a little walk into our store room and I pulled out all the prints in her size and let her pick the one she wanted. She chose the Peace Bears print. There are some theories on potty learning/training that suggest you even let the child pick out their own seat. We have not taken things that far, but allowing her to choose her own "undies" assured that she would want to wear them. In fact she was quite disappointed when she had to wait for her new undies to be washed first.
Once her new undies had been washed and she was able to wear them, we gave her quite simple instructions "don't pee pee in your new undies". Aubrey was just starting the learning process at this point, she knew when she was wet and wanted a "bum change", but hadn't needed to know before she went until now. About half an hour later, Aubrey shouted out "Oh no, my undies, mommy pee peed, bum change". Aubrey quickly learned that her Happy Heiny's were waterproof and were just like her "dipers", thus we have since reserved them for car trips, overnight and nap time.
We found the fit of the Happy Heiny's to be a bit puffy, which was perfect for adding that extra hemp insert for overnight! Aubrey really didn't notice or care about the puffiness, and her clothes fit over them just as well as her regular cloth diapers. We loved the side snaps in the beginning when there were still poop accidents as it made clean up much easier. Aubrey was able to pull up her new "dipers" herself which made her feel like a big girl- just like her big sister.
Our recommendations for Happy Heiny's Trainers: Overnight protection for older bed wetters, nap time protection and all day protection for the toddlers who are just beginning the learning process and will still require a waterproof layer. For a heavy wetter overnight we recommend a layer of microterry followed by a layer of hemp.
All our Happy Heiny's Trainers are sold with a Happy Heiny's Large MicroTerry insert, so there is no need to purchase anything extra, just wash and start that potty learning process!
Stay tuned for our next edition of Aubrey's Undies... Still to come: Bummis, Little Beetle and Imse Vimse.

Want to win a Happy Heiny's Pocket Trainer of your own to test out?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Transition to Cloth

After my first Daughter was born, we had family pressure to use disposable diapers. "It's easier" they would say "Cloth is too much work", "The soaking, rinsing and washing is gross", "We were so grateful when you were born that disposables were invented". All these comments left us on the path to throw away diapers. We were never okay with it. We felt uncomfortable buying mass amounts from Walmart because they were on sale. Seeing the pallets full if diaper boxes outside the store to this day makes me sad.

Our little girl was 10 months old when friends finally told me the truth about cloth diapers. After researching all the information I received, on both sides. Water usage, detergent use, electricity and manufacturing, our decision was simple. We switched to cloth.

I was intimidated by the cost so I started out slow, buying a few diapers at a time. I used Kushies AIO diapers, as they were inexpensive and available in my area. They were at the time the only choice. These diapers were not as absorbent as I hoped, so this forced me into late ec'ing. Elimination Communication-learning the toilet needs of babies and children at a young age. Wow I felt like a Mother! I was responding to all her needs and I knew when she soiled her diaper every time. She was on the toilet more and more throughout the day. Because these diapers didn't hold more than 1 pee I was on top of it. It also made me nervous to leave the house with them as she soaked through and onto the car seat a few times.

The Internet..."Googling" cloth diapers is intense. I was overwhelmed with choices and if I thought Kushies were expensive...I was faced with big dollar signs online. My next purchase were Bum Genius. They seemed simple, one-size fits all and possibly something I could use for night-time. (we were still using throw-aways at night) Lets just say these started the diaper addiction and soon diapers replaced all my needs for anything for myself. And opened up buying online, as this was a first as well. The Bum Genius worked well for us for nights as my daughter was not a heavy wetter as we used the toilet often. I felt good about my choice and I knew this was the best for my Daughter as well as the Planet she was to inherit.

When I purchased diapers from a reputable Canadian store I received great information on detergent use and washing instructions. Its was easy! We were already doing massive amounts of laundry whats 1 more load? The best part was the washing, there's something satisfying about folding your cute little diapers fresh out of the dryer or off the line. Oh and big cloth bums-too cute, and I loved feeling proud of her cloth bum wiggling around town.

This journey through the transition to cloth has led me to inspire others to find their own path and was soul inspiration for Podlings. I have gained knowledge and since then we have tried and tested almost every brand out there and of course those dollar signs are easily replaced with
awesome resale value. Having a large consignment addition to our store is an essential part of our spirit, as in this world to us Less is More and Used is even Better ;)

"Our Truth About Cloth" informational workshops are popular and good for the spirit. We love what we do and we are believers in the power of information and the freedom of choice.

Sherry Turnbull
Mother of 2 Cloth Bums and Co-Owner of Podlings, Naturally Childish

More great value-diapers can be used as a hat ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prefold, Pocket, All-in-One…Huh?! Decoding Diaper Systems

To function effectively, a diapering system needs to have an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. Some diapers add to this a wicking or stay dry layer through which urine passes to get to the absorbent layer. The absorbent layer can be a material such as cotton, hemp, bamboo or microfiber and the water proof layer may be polyurethane laminate (PUL), wool or polar fleece. Wicking layers are generally made from a synthetic fabric such as microfleece or suede cloth.

The most basic diapering systems available are flats and prefolds. Flats are squares or rectangles of fabric, usually made from a single layer of fabric which is either folded and tucked in a cover or folded to fit around the baby like a “diaper.” Prefolds are rectangular in shape and are divided into thirds with more layers of fabric in the inner third than the outer. This makes them thicker in the middle. Flats and prefolds tend to be the least expensive of diapering methods. Tiny prefolds and covers are an ideal way to fit a newborn until they grow in to larger diapers. A newborn can be outfitted with prefolds and covers for approximately $85 for 24 diaper changes worth or diapers. At Huckleberry Baby Shop, for the perfect newborn fit, we love the Bummis Organic Prefolds in the preemie size, tucked into a newborn sized Bummis Super Brite.

Fitted diapers are shaped to fit around an infant or toddler. They usually have elastic gatherings around the legs and waist and may have Velcro or snap closure. Made from cotton, flannel, cotton sherpa, hemp, bamboo, or other fabrics, they are not waterproof and require a waterproof cover. Sometimes they come without fasteners and you can use a Snappi fastener to do them up. Fitted diapers come in both sized and one-size varieties. At our store, Mother-ease Sandy’s Bamboo Fitteds under a fleece cover or a Bramble Bean wool soaker are a popular overnight option.Pocket diapers are also shaped to fit around a baby. They are made of two layers of material sewn together to form a pocket. The outside part is usually made of waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate). The inner layer that touches baby’s skin is made of a stay-dry fabric which wicks moisture away from baby’s skin. Pocket diapers fasten with Velcro, snaps, or hooks. Inside the pocket, you need to stuff an insert to provide absorbency. This insert can be made of cotton, hemp, bamboo, microfiber, etc. After laundering them, you can stuff the inserts in so that they are ready to go when you need them…as easy as a disposable! You can adjust the number or thickness of the inserts you use depending on the amount of absorbency you need. Pocket Diapers come in either sized versions (i.e.: small, medium, large) or one-size versions which “grow” with your baby by adjusting the rise snap setting on the front of the diaper. The inserts made for pocket diapers may be hemp, bamboo, cotton flannel, terry, velour, or microfiber. The inserts are the absorbent part of the diaper. Without them, there is nothing to soak up the urine. Some of Huckleberry Baby Shop's favourite Canadian made pocket diapers include the AMP One Size Duo Pockets and Baby Kangas.

An all-in-one diaper or AIO, is the absolute easiest diaper to use. No folding, stuffing, or covers are required. An AIO has a waterproof outer cover and a sewn-in absorbent inner. They usually have a stay dry layer that sits against baby’s skin. All of this is sewn together in one piece. The diaper goes on and off just like a disposable. Most AIO’s, such as those made by AMP (which we LOVE!), are sized (i.e.: small, med, large), but there are a few “one size” AIO`s out there which will “grow” with your baby via adjustments to the rise snaps on the front. The main drawback to AIO’s is that because of all of the sewn together layers, they often take longer to dry. Several manufacturers have attempted to solve this problem by creating an attached “flap” which folds out for quicker washing and drying. This feature is evident in the Tots Bots Easy Fit diapers and the Bamboo Baby One Size All in One.

An All in Two or AI2 diaper is a two-part diaper system made up of an absorbent part and a waterproof part. An AI2 is usually created with an absorbent soaker or insert which is laid into, attached to, tucked into or snapped to a waterproof outer cover. An example of AI2’s is the Tuck and Go (TAG) system from Monkey Doodlez. With the TAG system, an organic cotton/ bamboo rayon velour pad is tucked into a PUL cover.
Thanks for reading! ~Cristi from Huckleberry Baby Shop
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