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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Transition to Cloth

After my first Daughter was born, we had family pressure to use disposable diapers. "It's easier" they would say "Cloth is too much work", "The soaking, rinsing and washing is gross", "We were so grateful when you were born that disposables were invented". All these comments left us on the path to throw away diapers. We were never okay with it. We felt uncomfortable buying mass amounts from Walmart because they were on sale. Seeing the pallets full if diaper boxes outside the store to this day makes me sad.

Our little girl was 10 months old when friends finally told me the truth about cloth diapers. After researching all the information I received, on both sides. Water usage, detergent use, electricity and manufacturing, our decision was simple. We switched to cloth.

I was intimidated by the cost so I started out slow, buying a few diapers at a time. I used Kushies AIO diapers, as they were inexpensive and available in my area. They were at the time the only choice. These diapers were not as absorbent as I hoped, so this forced me into late ec'ing. Elimination Communication-learning the toilet needs of babies and children at a young age. Wow I felt like a Mother! I was responding to all her needs and I knew when she soiled her diaper every time. She was on the toilet more and more throughout the day. Because these diapers didn't hold more than 1 pee I was on top of it. It also made me nervous to leave the house with them as she soaked through and onto the car seat a few times.

The Internet..."Googling" cloth diapers is intense. I was overwhelmed with choices and if I thought Kushies were expensive...I was faced with big dollar signs online. My next purchase were Bum Genius. They seemed simple, one-size fits all and possibly something I could use for night-time. (we were still using throw-aways at night) Lets just say these started the diaper addiction and soon diapers replaced all my needs for anything for myself. And opened up buying online, as this was a first as well. The Bum Genius worked well for us for nights as my daughter was not a heavy wetter as we used the toilet often. I felt good about my choice and I knew this was the best for my Daughter as well as the Planet she was to inherit.

When I purchased diapers from a reputable Canadian store I received great information on detergent use and washing instructions. Its was easy! We were already doing massive amounts of laundry whats 1 more load? The best part was the washing, there's something satisfying about folding your cute little diapers fresh out of the dryer or off the line. Oh and big cloth bums-too cute, and I loved feeling proud of her cloth bum wiggling around town.

This journey through the transition to cloth has led me to inspire others to find their own path and was soul inspiration for Podlings. I have gained knowledge and since then we have tried and tested almost every brand out there and of course those dollar signs are easily replaced with
awesome resale value. Having a large consignment addition to our store is an essential part of our spirit, as in this world to us Less is More and Used is even Better ;)

"Our Truth About Cloth" informational workshops are popular and good for the spirit. We love what we do and we are believers in the power of information and the freedom of choice.

Sherry Turnbull
Mother of 2 Cloth Bums and Co-Owner of Podlings, Naturally Childish

More great value-diapers can be used as a hat ;)


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