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Friday, June 25, 2010

Laura of More Than Cloth Diapers

Hi I’m Laura owner of More Than Cloth Diapers

I have always been an entrepreneur and a crunchy person by nature. Even in my previous life (what I call it before children) I was aware of the everyday toxins that surround us. I was a professional nanny for many years before I had children; so I was aware of the products out there for children. I knew that I hated the stink of disposable diapers and the waste that was associated with them. Later I started my own environmental friendly cleaning company. Again, making me fully aware of the environmental toxins we have in our every day environments.

When I had my first child more than 6 years ago, I knew I wanted to do cloth diapers. There really weren’t a whole lot of options back then. The pocket diaper was just new on the market; internet shopping was just starting to become popular. Cloth diapering stores were far and few between here in Canada. By trial and error I found what worked for us and I started spreading the word about how easy cloth diapers were.

Cloth diapering grew in to an addiction to me, along with natural children’s products. By the time I had my 2nd child, I knew I wanted to be able to get hard to find diapering items up here in Canada and More Than Cloth Diapers was born. We have since had a 3rd child and are proud to say he has never had a disposable product touch him. It’s my goal to make it threw to toilet learning without using a disposable product.

More Than Cloth Diapers was the first to bring many cloth diapering lines here to Canada. Hard to find brands like Punkin Booty Bits, Snap Ez, Leslies Boutique, Booty Cubes, Soap Nuts and so many more. I am dedicated to this endeavor always seeking new products not readily available to the Canadian market.

I am very passionate about cloth and the environment and actively help clients seek solutions for their families. I do believe that using cloth isn't as hard as some people think (or I wouldn't do it). Cloth diapering is for every family.

I run More Than Cloth Diapers with my husband and 3 children, near Chesterville, Ontario on a small farm. Our farm includes our organic laying hens and 2 wonderful horses.


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